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1、R series rigid tooth flank helical gear units, K series helical-bevel gear units, F series parallel shaft helical gear units, S series helical-worm gear units, T series spiral bevel gear units, have the advantages of small volume and big transmission torque.

2、Designed and manufactured on the basis of modular combined system, the gear units have abundant combinations of motor, mounting positions and structure module, which meets the requirements of different working situation and realize mechatronics.

3、R,K,F,S four main series gear units utilize the design principle of unit structure module, which reduces the categories and stocks of parts, and shortens the delivery period.

High efficiency of drive, low consumption of power, and excellent performance.

4、High rigidity cast iron housing with rib; the rigid tooth flank gear utilizes good-quality alloy steel, the surface is treated with carburizing quenching hardening treatment, refined processing of grounding, stable drive, low noise, big capacity of load, long using life.

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